You took it all.

You are stitched into my eyes

Gave up my vision
And now;
      You tell me to see, you.

Couldn’t open my eyes
But still hadn’t slept for days

Was born a bird
You cut my wings
And now;
        You tell me to fly, with you

I miss being a bird
I want my wings
I miss my vision
Give my eyes.

Positve vibes only.

  Most of the time, we’re so busy with our busy lives; we forget to recongnize and realise how beautiful life is. The moments we dont value. Every little thing that just goes by every passing breath.
   From the smallest blessings like breathing or walking. How can we not take out time, and that too a fraction of a moment, to be grateful. The ability to think, speak, sense, even chew food. These tiny little things arent as tiny as they seem. Its is more important to be grateful for these basic blessing we have, compared to, us thanking for the car we drive or how much money we make. We forget these little things that ACTUALLY give us happiness, but remember the things that we run after all our lives seeking happiness in.
Be grateful for every moment that passes. Life too short, and even shorter to run after the materialistic things. Find happiness in what you have! Chase your dreams, get out of your comfort zone and explore every inch of this beautiful planet we live in; even if its your backyard! Make your soul thank for being blessed with this amazing art-work of The Creator we call; our body.
Take out time to love; your friends, family, siblings, parents and every human being that you love; including yourself! Tell them what they mean to you, and never be hide emotions!
You are what you are, and you’re special in your own special way! HE made you, and HIS creations can be nothing less than perfect and special!
Look for His presence, you’ll find him in places you never knew existed. Make this journey beautiful, and every breath you take: worthwhile.


I’m so glad there’s an ocean

Between you and me
Distance and dreams
Are all that can be

If you were next door
What there would be
Is the danger and drama
Of proximity

I tremble to think
Of the crevice and slope
On the slippery hills of
Love full of hope

Distorted, overflowing: Love.

Thoughts on a couch:
Life is so beautifully painful; it is so amazing how we manage to smile even when we’re in the optimum level of our miseries in life.

  Probably; most definitely: because of the beautiful people in our lives. How fate, destiny, or God (whatever, whoever would like to believe in) places them in our lives in such an imperceptible way. Like peices of a jigsaw puzzle. Perfectly placed..
  Each one of us goes through the same emotions; differently but more or less the same struggle in our journeys. Our journeys are beautiful, even the painful patches. Everything and everyone is either a lesson or a blessing.

Let’s just be thankful to all that cross our paths. For all they teach us: is a lesson or a blessing in our journeys.
Let’s love them.
Let’s give them a taste of not their medicines, but ours.
Let’s love the hate out of them.
Let’s be more polite if someone is rude.
Let’s spread nothing else but love.

Because love is the only energy that exists; and rest is nothing else but the absence of love.

Aik Asaan Mushkil.

How I gather; and write

The long lost fragments
Of words that slipped, flew, fled,
Through the ends of my fists,

I run backwards; callously
Stressing my back; and heart,
Witnessing the transitions
From night to day: backwards

The clock runs; against time,
My feet: blistered, bleeding,
I feel no pain: as i run backwards
I reckon: they’ve healed

I’ve come far away: from you,
  The painfully, painless; journey.

Blurry Night.

Through the words of silence

I hear you calling my name
Then you pretend; to be cold
In the warm nights of September

Let me be the way i am
For i have almost found myself
Let me breathe this air
For i have just started
Let me take a fall
For i am afraid

I am beginning to love, living;
      on the edge.

Dot Dot Dot.

​All these years of my life. I can’t even begin to thank Allah for the good health and the guidance He has given me through out these years. I’ve always thought to myself since a little boy that I’m different from the rest of the world. I’ve come to realize that good upbringing, good values and constant guidance truly defines who you are and what you make out of yourself in life. Life throws all sorts of challenges at you and people who stand by you through those tough times win over all the other past relationships.

Keeping up with relationships that drag you down and always remind you of your weaknesses and where you fall short don’t stand much value.
I get extremely sad and upset at times because I wish for so many simple things in life which I feel I deserved as a child and even now as an adult. And believe me they are the simplest of things. We may brush off the memory from the past but it haunts you every now and then.

I wish you had taught me more. I wish you had taught me to be more loving and more giving. I wish you had given me more strength. I wish you had been here for me when I’ve needed you. I wish you had understood better. I wish you had not just shut me off.

I wish you had not killed me.

Subtle Surrender.

How blind was I

To see the thin veil,
As a thick curtain
That existed between within,

Imperceptibly: YOU opened,
The eyes of my soul
And thinner that curtain got
A mere veil: was all that remained
Between YOU, and i

Without asking; YOU gave
Without sorrows; YOU blessed
Without soil: YOU grew plants
Now I see YOUR existence; so clear

Let the veil remain,
  For i know i will burn.

“Na samjho gey to mitt jao gey jahaan se; tumhari daastan bhi na hogi daastan’on main”

How Heer became Ranjha.

Hai ishq wohi, jo laa-hasil, 
Jo haasil hua, wo ishq kya hua.

Love is only that cannot be attained,
What is achieved, is not love,
But the reward: that pain,
Where the light enters,

Beautiful pinches in every vein,
That runs under the garment given,
It is then; what runs through them,
What never can be touched; but felt,

Through depths and breadths; of soul,
The unseen; strong, undefined,
The bitter-sweet-misery,
Stays there, somewhere: Forever.

Sar-e-Aiena mera aks hai,
Pas-e-Aiena: tera aks; mujh main.